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It's funny how you can finally get your outside life in order, and yet on the inside it feels like a tornado has fucking gutted you.

All it takes is one person to do that to you.  The only condition is that you have to give a damn about them.  They have to be someone that you love, or else they don't have that kind of power.

It feels like none of that scraping and pushing, none of that hanging in there, even means anything now.  What's the point of succeeding when that person has given up on you?  I feel like I prevailed for nothing; being the last man standing doesn't mean shit.

Just.  Just fuck everything.

No, I'm not sorry for all this emotional bullshit that I'm spewing, but yes, it sucks that I felt the need to dump it all on you, reader.  I just literally have no one to talk to about this--especially now.  But you wanted something lulzy, right?  Here:

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