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Glad That's Over.

I had my last exam today--the chem exam.  I flew right through it, so either I did better than I thought or I failed every single question.  I guess we'll see... but whatever.  This has been the worst past three months of my life, so I'm prepared for the worst. *knocks on wood* Other than that, it's the same old thing around here. 

Oh--except that CHRISTMAS HAS COMPLETELY TAKEN ME OFF GUARD!  Sure, I heard all the crappy music at work, and the house is littered in Christmas decorations, and everything has a festive holiday theme to it now, but I was so buried in work that I've been in this "I have all the time in the world" mentality until literally five minutes ago.  I took a peek at the calendar and saw that Christmas Day is precisely 7 days away.  Damn it all, I haven't gotten all my shopping done!  And how am I supposed to shop when I'm flat broke?! Good thing everyone knows that I'm flat broke--their expectations are pretty low as it stands... TT^TT

But I am going to buy a copy of Bite Me with what little I've for myself.  Screw everyone else--I don't even have any (live, non-book) friends!  And I want that free sketch so bad!! >.<  Ooh... I wonder if it'll be moar naked Luther?
Tags: family man, moar naked men plz, school, whining: christmas edition

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