January 2nd, 2011



I just got back from a gaming convention, and I have an open letter I'd like to share with you cool dudes!  Ahem...

Dear [Homophobic GM],

Shut up about The Gays.  Shut up about transmen, and how ugly or scary they look to you.  I really don't want to hear about how hideous so-and-so looks in a dress, or how you just can't understand how someone could possibly feel uncomfortable in their own body.  Yeah, I don't know what that feels like either--I'm a straight female.  I don't claim to be the voice of everyone who's ever questioned their sexuality or their gender, but you know what?  Just because you don't empathize with someone's troubles, or agree with their opinions and convictions, doesn't mean that you should broadcast your discomfort and revulsion.  Do you even know what you sound like when you do that?!  Frankly, you should be ashamed.

It's gotten to the point that you won't even let people role play as other genders because they don't "do it right," because it disturbs you.  How the living fuck did you get to be the arbiter of how to correctly represent a gender, and how, for the love of god, can I get you fired? 

You might be wondering why I'm so upset about this.  Is it because I have an emotional investment in the issue?  Is it because of what happened to [mutual former friend] when he was outed?  Is it because I'm one of those silly health-obsessed "liberals" that you like to poke fun at?  I'd explain, but I don't think you'd really hear what I'm saying.*

You're my friend, or so I think.  I should be able to say these things to you.  It's difficult when we have less and less in common as time goes on.  You go ahead and think that you're just fine, and I'll continue to question everything that you hold to be true and self-evident--everything that I tried to believe.  I still love you, but let us never speak of the matter again.

Your pal,

*HINT: It's because homosexuals and the transgendered, like atheists, are looked down upon and feared by just about everyone who's been a part of my life.  That's what I get for growing up in a church, I guess.  It just pisses me off is all.  Why do people like her feel so disgusted by the transgendered?  Because they're different, and "different" scares them, even when they're pretending to be "different" themselves.

I think I need to find some new friends.
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