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The Breaking Point

I've reached it.  And guess what broke?  NOT ME!

Well maybe a little.  But who cares?  I came out of this ridiculous writer's block as the victor, and I haven't gnawed my own hands off, and fuck it all, I'm going to just write my stupid manuscript without a single thought as to how shitty it all comes out because you know what?  That's what first drafts are for!  HA!!

Of course, everyone on the planet knows this already.  As usual, I am late to the party, and dressed inappropriately.  Oh well!  Off to do some more fantastic writing--and to meet the August 30th deadline with all 53,000 words of my manuscript, and then some.

Yeah, I don't think I mentioned this earlier, but I've been doing this Summer Novelist's Club thing.  All the other kiddies were doing it, and I knew I was going to go through some serious academia-withdrawal in the time between semesters, so this SNC thing was a good opportunity for a) not slacking off all summer, and b) keeping a shut-in like me in touch with her beloved peers and professors.  It's done alright so far; not only have I stuck to the program best I could, but I even exchanged recipes with my old Fantasy Writing prof.  It's a delicious pie recipe, too, one that involves blackberries and sweet, sweet Chambord...

I'm going to just stop this entry now.  I'll be back to update you guys on my slow, awkward descent into madness.  Bye!

And just what the Hell is in this "dream tea," God damn...
Tags: alcohol, burgeoning insanity, cooking, school, writing

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