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Oh. Man.

I said I wouldn't do this, that I was over with Pokemon. I was through wasting my money, and done feeling like Chris-chan every time I'd walk past all the FPS's and shit to pick up a brightly-colored game about collecting cute animals and engaging in Disneyed-up cockfights, but this lineup is too much to resist...

I regret nothing. Don't judge me!

Wait, what am I so worried about?  This is the internet, bitches are all playing Pokemon up here, even though they're adults...  Never mind, disregard the previous!  Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, I know a certain someone who will be unable to say no to those Yorkie Pokemon--maybe I can pull her down into all this child-sized depravity with me!  Hooray for friends!  \(゜ワ゜ )/ 

I can see that they really went all-out on the vendor-trash this time around.  They even have a fucking Zubat analogue (an ugly one at that), along side the usual rat and pigeon that we will all invariably come to hate (unless you love them ironically, as happened with Bidoof, but fuck you man).  Did they even bother making a Zubat type for Sinnoh?  I cannot remember for the life of me.  Whatever.

Either way, you win again, Nintendo.  Now to get some damn homework done...
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