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Ode to Being an Asshat

The world cup is long over, and everyone in my country has gone back to hating football soccer that sport with the black and white ball.  I however, have been touched by the World Cup in one way--the vuvuzela.  It is the sound of one million bees farting, and it's as annoying as Hell, it's universally recognized... and reviled.

How can I not love it?  I'm convinced that my house doesn't have enough vuvuzelas.  I should try to find one soon, so I can introduce my family to the deep, rich Zulu culture and its wondrous instruments... from the 70s.  Or 2001.

EDIT: Actually, I don't need to buy a vuvuzela when www.sadtrombone.com is free.  It's equally annoying, as I've found out.

My English Sucks Today For Some Reason.

(No, seriously.  I sound like I'm translating this all from Romanian to Dutch to English...)

I feel so sick right now... I think I'll drink and see if the alcohol helps me get rid of whatever toxic shit is inside of me.

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But none of that's really important right now, especially since I'm still out of the grasp of diabetes.  What I'd wanted to mention is the interesting shit that's going on in this thread.  It brings to question what people will define as "militant" or "obnoxious," and about what subjects.  What do you think?  Is Richard Dawkins polarizing and militant, as some people, atheist and Christian alike, might believe?  I find him to be a reasonable man myself.  I may not agree with every single point he makes, but I don't find him to be nearly as irritating as Wendy Wright was, say, in her interview with him.

I wish I was more articulate right now; as it stands, I can feel my grasp of English syntax slowly slipping away...  Anyway, I have a kanji quiz tomorrow, and possibly a lecture to attend, and right now I'm in no shape to go anywhere.  I'd better get some sleep.  Night!
team fucket

Levothyroxine 3223 7770 0993

Haven't written here in a while.  Did you miss me?

Went off my levo for the past week, now I'm paying for it with headaches and constant fatigue.  Still manage to make myself write though, even if I took the past two weeks off.  Damn novel.  I checked out a stack of Joyce Carol Oates books, and they have yet to leave me disappointed.  Heartbroken?  Yes.  But never disappointed.

Got HeartGold though.  I'm enjoying it thoroughly, and I even derive pleasure from the little Pokewalker that came with it.  Want my secret code?

Here it is.  33.  19.  17.

Shit, no wait, it's up in the title.  3223-7770-0993

There you have it

let's trade or fight or something.

Back to work now.  I'll try to write more often.