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Oh my God... is the Right going to villainize everything?  Mister Rogers?  Fuckin' serious?!

Yes, he told children that they were special, because kids don't need to be told that they're worthless, unremarkable cogs in order to make them work hard.  He's not the root cause of anyone's problems, and guess what? Five and seven year-olds aren't supposed to be focused on winning the championships for the three fucking travel teams that their idiot parents sign them up for all at once.  They're supposed to be playing sports for fun and socialization--y'know, that thing where you learn to cooperate and make friends, as opposed to being an isolated fucking cutthroat all your amoral life!

Look.  Children who are young enough to watch Mr. Rogers don't need to have it jammed down their throat that the world is going to take a piss on them, alright?  Yes, they need to be taught the value of hard work, and yes, they need to be taught that other people are just as important as they are, but don't try to tell me that Mister Rogers is what's responsible for the spoiled children and adults of today.  It is, and it always will be, the lazy-ass parents who raised them who are the problem. 

Some people are born with arrogance, like me, and like me, they are made aware of it by their mothers and fathers--if they're lucky.  I happened to be lucky, because while they did their best to ensure that I wouldn't grow up to be a spoiled, apathetic, entitled bitch, they also made sure to reinforce these teachings with love and reassurance.  They made sure that I knew that while people are capable of great ignorance and unimaginable selfishness, people are also more than capable of rising above such base inclinations.  This is what makes us superior, what makes us human--that we are capable of selfless acts, and that we are capable of great empathy for ourselves and for lower beings. 

I'm not perfect, but I'm so much more than what I could have become because someone thought to give me a little confidence boost now and then.  That being said, those assholes on Fox can take their copies of The Fountainhead and shove them up their asses.

My English Sucks Today For Some Reason.

(No, seriously.  I sound like I'm translating this all from Romanian to Dutch to English...)

I feel so sick right now... I think I'll drink and see if the alcohol helps me get rid of whatever toxic shit is inside of me.

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But none of that's really important right now, especially since I'm still out of the grasp of diabetes.  What I'd wanted to mention is the interesting shit that's going on in this thread.  It brings to question what people will define as "militant" or "obnoxious," and about what subjects.  What do you think?  Is Richard Dawkins polarizing and militant, as some people, atheist and Christian alike, might believe?  I find him to be a reasonable man myself.  I may not agree with every single point he makes, but I don't find him to be nearly as irritating as Wendy Wright was, say, in her interview with him.

I wish I was more articulate right now; as it stands, I can feel my grasp of English syntax slowly slipping away...  Anyway, I have a kanji quiz tomorrow, and possibly a lecture to attend, and right now I'm in no shape to go anywhere.  I'd better get some sleep.  Night!
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As you might've heard by now, a man has crashed a plane into an IRS building.  Apparently, no one's been hurt.  heavymetaljaq  also tells me that this guy burned down his own house with his second wife and her daughter in it: (here it is, and lol, watch me display my awesome reading comprehension skills below! :slow:).  In short, the guy was an idiot.  To put it in 13-year-old speak, he failed epically.  Not a single person was killed, and all that's left of his endeavor is a fiery crash site and this rant that he posted before wreaking what havoc he could manage.

Why does anyone care?  Why have I been obsessing over it?  I'm not entirely sure myself.  I think it has something to do with the fact that this guy wanted to blame his problems on something big and bad, that way he wouldn't have to take responsibility for his own mistakes, shortcomings, and misfortunes.  Everyone does this at one point or another.  I know I do.  However, I hope that somebody in my life has the wherewithal to talk me down if I ever become this crazy.  I think he mentions in his letter that he's tried to get help for his anxiety, but whatever he'd done, it apparently was too little and too late. 

If I turn out to be all washed up at that point in my life, I hope to God I don't go out like that... not that I intend to be a failure in my chosen field, of course.  But you just never know.  I certainly never thought when I was younger that I'd be 24 and jobless.  If I do end up failing, and if I never realize any of my goals in life, how will I react?  Will I be strong enough to pick up the pieces and carry on, or even to try again?  Or will I be so blinded by my own bitterness that I shove the blame onto the shoulders of the biggest target I can find?  Will I be so deluded that I think it's acceptable to lash out at everyone around me?

This guy's story really resonated with me.  Sorry about the huge post, but I just don't know what else to do.  He really made me think about where I am mentally and emotionally... maybe I'm no stronger than he is.  I hope that's not the case.

His political stance also raises some questions.  Well actually, the only real question I have is this: why are people calling him a teabagger?  He appears to be disenchanted with capitalism...

Gah, enough of this.  I need to get away from my computer for a bit.  Time to make some minestrone!

CORRECTION: Apparently two people were killed in the crash.  The bodies haven't been identified, though I think it's safe to say that the culprit, a Mr. Stack, is one of them.  Also, the wife and stepdaughter were away at a hotel when the house was set on fire, according to this article: [link]

So Have You Ever Been Trolled By A Church Lady?

Yeeeaahhhh... >B^|  Anyway, I think she gets a boner every time someone mentions her, so let's change the subject.

One of my classes for the semester has been canceled.  Like a week before classes start.  This means I'll now be taking Young Adult Fiction instead of Research & Historical Fiction, which means that instead of talking about cool historical shit and how to implement it in my writing, I'll probably be reading a lot of vampire books.

Kill meeee!

Also, I finally got around to finishing Phantom Hourglass last night.  I've had it lying around for a while, and it's just not that compelling of a video game.  That's a shame, too, because I really liked the characters and the world (though there could have definitely been more of the actual world).  The problem is, the story was dull, and I rather hated that whole "it was just a dream?!" ending, a la Dallas.  WHAT.  Yes, I'm aware that those aren't entirely good reasons to hate a game, but tell me this: how is it that such a short game manages to feel so drawn-out and repetitive?  Also: I hate you, Phantom Ball.

So what do I play next?  What do I trade it in for?  I'm thinking Devil Survivor.

Death of a Firefly (Oh--and spoilers.)

Let's just make this easy and put this all under an LJ-cut...

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The previews before were unbearable. It was the death by tasteless movies, the Ludovico Method for people who don't watch crap. Ninety percent of this next year's movies will be utter bullshit, and I'm being generous, even though all generosity should be revoked after I was greeted in the lobby of the theater by three giant fiberglass sweater-wearing rodents. It wasn't bad enough that everyone had to sit through the preview for The Chipmunks 2.0's horrible sequel, eh? Well, when I say everyone, I mean "all ten of us moviegoers." The place was ridiculously empty this Friday night.

In other news, my power strip shorted out last night. Damn it. My sister also came home last night, and my mother and I have come to the realization that we can't hold a civilized conversation, no matter what the subject matter may be. I swear, every conversation goes something like this:

me: "oh hey, it's raining outside..."
me: "What? Jesus, Mom--I was just making an observation!"
mom: "Lighten up! Why are you always upset?!"
me: "Because you're the one who got pissed off first!"
mom: "*martyr's sigh!* You can't blame all your problems on me you know!"
me: "I'm not..."
mom: "Look--look, honey, it's a bird!"

Repeat ad nauseam--she gets mad, I get mad right back, she wonders why I'm mad, I tell her, she goes on merrily about something else, I miss the cue that everything's fine again and I snap at her, and the whole thing starts over. Such is life, though.

She was listening to some stupid Michael Bublé song on our way home from the theater, and I guess it was him singing about how he hasn't met his other half yet, or some tripe like that. She told me that it was the song my future husband is singing. My future husband ought to have better taste in music than to be crooning a song by that lispy Hobbit. If that future husband exists at all...

Well, I've spent enough time grousing. Now for some good news--I have a conclusive ending to the manuscript I'm working on, and I have the basic plot of the second and final book laid out! It all came to me as I was coming home from the train station this evening... I was listening to Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine," and it was like watching the birth of a star (or more accurately, the "birth" of a black hole). It was beautiful, and I'm stoked.

So what am I doing here? I need to get to work!