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The World's Greatest Title Is This One (Mundane Update)

I ate at Red Robin with some friends today, and now I am the sickest dog. :I  Why do we do these things to ourselves?  Anyway, it's fully set into my brain that I don't have reliable work anymore, yet I'm not panicking.  I just can't make myself care right now, but maybe that's because I'm sick from that awful fried food.  It did stop me from buying a Japanese Sparkchart though.  How sad to be mildly inconvenienced, boo-hoo.

Seriously though, fuck me.  I need to go email hella resumes, in the hopes that it'll do me some good.  This isn't the year of defeatism, or letting everyone kick my ass--no, now it's my turn to kick some ass, and I say I got a good start by leaving The Globular One and the grocery pit behind!

One thing is bothering me, though--well, maybe two.  The first thing is that my writing has become sparse and very crappy as of late.  Even my journal entries leave something to be desired.  It feels like I'm just spinning my wheels, y'know?  Just rehashing the same events and thoughts that happen every day of my life.  Maybe I should use my journal differently for a while, perhaps as a research or cooking journal.  Introspection, when shallow and unchanging, probably means that I should be focusing outwardly for a while.

The second thing is that damned purse that I'm sewing for a friend of mine.  The plan is... well, it looks good on paper, and I was fortunate to have some suitable (and very beautiful) fabrics on hand.  I have all of the tools (and oh my God, I just remembered that I still have to repair some throw pillows, gahh!) but not a sewing machine, so I'm doing it all by hand.  I feel like Betsy Ross, except that she made it look easy, and she definitely didn't let on that her arm hurt after hours of stitching.  Still, I'm making progress, though I'm a little nervous about what the final product will look like.  It's my first time sewing a purse, even though I've planned several of them on paper, and let me say that it's a good thing the poor woman isn't paying for the thing!

Other than this, things are peaceful.  After I post this and add some tags I'll surf the career sites for some publishing houses.  I'll apply to some jobs, and after that I'll keep writing--I can always shave off the crappy parts and rebuild once I have something substantial to work with.  I'll go to bed (relatively) early, and hopefully not be kept awake by thoughts of Slenderman, and when I wake up I'll do three miles on ye olde treadmill.  On Wednesday, I'll go to N----'s house, and her mom's pillows should be ready by then.  Whitetrashpalace is sending me a kickass greeting card that she designed, and I'm excited to put it on display in my room.

Oh--and on Chinese New Year, I'll be in Chinatown with my friends.  That's definitely something to look forward to--especially when I think of the New Years noodles! :9